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Brands – You need to know

This is part one of a new series of articles, telling you about some amazing projects.

In this article I will explain about four brands that I think do a great job, and I think you should support them, if you can. I am an Ambassador / rep for 3 of these brands, because I belive in what they are doing. Support their mission.

Shore Buddies

Is basicly cute Stuffed animals made from recycled plastic bottles.
The Founder is Malte Niebelschuetz and the mission is to save marine life and keep plastic out of the sea. From every item purchased 1$ is going to help save marine life.
So this could be a great idea for a gift for a child, or just someone you know also cares for the sea and the animals in it. Every stuffed animal have their own story, Stephen the seagull talks about the state of our ocean, and he stands for beach cleanups. This is also a great way to teach children about what is going on in our world, and make them understand what needs to be done about it.
Visit their website shore-buddies.com and find them om instagram @shorebuddies.

Life Token

Is a brand created to spred positivity and kindness.
The purpose of the Life Token bracelet is to bring positivity and strength or what is needed, into your own or someone else life. By writing an empowering word or sentence on the bracelet, you have a physical reminder with you all the time. And this can change your day, or your life.
Be positive be kind and be helpfull.
Visit lifetoken.com and find them on instagram @lifetoken

Sand Cloud

A organisation working on saving marine life.
They donate 10% of their profit to the non-profit organisations they work with.
The 6 different non-profit organisations do everything from restore drinking water, beach cleanups to rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals.
On the website they sell towels made from recycled materials, blankets, clothes and accessories.
So this is a great place to get a gift, for anyone who also cares about the sea and the animals.
Got to sandcloud.com and find them on instagram @sand_cloud and follow the #savethefishies.
Use my code JUSTEVERYTHING.DK864 to get 15% of your order.

Beyond Beanie

This brand is helping children in need. They help with basic needs such as food, dental care, school supplies and school uniforms. The products is handmade by a artisan in Bolivia so you support them too when buying from Beyond Beanie. Every item is hand signed by the creator themself.
Every beanie sold give 5 meals. A direct way to help children in need.
Go to beyondbeanie.com and find them on instagram @beyondbeanie.
Use code JEB25 to get 25% of your order.

I hope you like some of these brands and maybe found something you need for yourself or a friend, on their shops. I really hope e kan make a change in the world, because the animals and the environment should not have to suffer because of us.

Hope you liked this post, please leave a comment if you know of other amazing organisations I should know about.

All credit of pictures goes to the owner them, I do not own the pictures, only borrowed to spread their missions.

Stay wired – Camilla

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