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Climate friendly products

If you want to switch things in your home, and start using some climate/eco friendly products, then I have some tips for you right here. Keep on reading.↓

1 My first tip would be repurpose all you can, and make things yourself.

Are your children to old use their lunch bag, use it when shopping for veg and fruit, no more plastic bags.
Reuse the jars from pickles and jam etc. The less plastic you use the better.
Save your leftovers in glass jars this is much better, they kan go in the freezer and have no chemicals, so no risk getting them in your food.

2 Thrift before buying something new.

Make a deal with yourself. Every time you know you need a special item, look in your local thrift shop and on social media sale groups to buy it second hand, before buying it brand new. Give it a couple of days. This way things that have already been made is being used until not usable anymore. It will slow down the rate of new things getting produced.
I have this deal with myself, and have 2 different thrift stores I search if I get an idea for something I want to make or need.

Gifts: I will also look for gifts in thrift stores and garage sales, you never know what you can find that someone else have wanted.

Clothes: If you want to go to an event in something your friends haven’t seen you in tre times already, the thrift shop is a great idea. Then you got something new, without giving companies the demand to make more clothes.

3 When you don’t want to or can’t make it yourself.

If you don’t know how to make things yourself,
here is a list of things I would invest in, and where to get them.

Plastic Freedom

Fruit and veg bags
Ikea 2 bags 39 DKR

Tiger of Copenhagen net wash bag 20 DKR

Produce bags x3 mixed pack – Plastic freedom


Zero Wast Kit
A purse zero waste kit is a must have for your everyday bag.
It does not have to be fancy or cost a lot of money.
My zero waste kit is home made, its a glass jar inside i have some baby cutlery, a fabric bag and a napkin. Here is a picture of a kit I made for my friend for her birthday.
But you can buy a zero waste kit
{Zero} Waste Kit $56.99

The zero waste kit for your bag is just the eco friendly swabs, for the single use things you would use a daily basis. So if you like to get coffee, it need to have a cup or jar.
If you swing by a cafe and grab your lunch, then a jar could be used as a container for the food instead of the plastic box you throw away, and some cutlery, a napkin instead of serviets, it is a really personal thing. No need to carry around a coffee cup if you never drink coffee/tea or get drinks to go. Only you know what needs to be in your kit.

There is a lot of different zero waste kits, or starter kits, but I think the most important is the one you carry in your purse on the go.
Here is som other zero waste kits:
Wearth London – Zero waste starter kit 
Its all about you – Eco-Friendly starter kit
Babipur – Zero Waste Starter Bundle


– Camilla out





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