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Clothes – Fast fashion

When people complain that their clothes are old, and then say “I have had this for two years”, I’m sorry but then I can’t stop but think, “honey that is new clothes”.

Our way of using fast fashion is totally crazy to me, the need to wear something people haven’t seen you in before is just wired.
I use my clothes until it rips and then I use it for something else.

I have on this picture divided my clothes into 3 lines:
-top line: clothes I bought as new,
-middle line: clothes I got as gifts,
-lover line: hand-me-down or got from a second-hand shop.

In the picture, I have some years that’s about right. If you imagine vertical lines, then all the clothes on that line are from the same time period.

I have clothes I got before I went to boarding school (Rovvig Efterskole) and I will use it until it falls apart, the clothes I have are clothes I like wearing, not clothes that are smart or pretty. I have a small section of clothes for formal wear, and the rest of the time, I don’t feel the need to look a certain way, I dress to be comfortable, covered up and not to be cool.

As seen on the picture a lot of my clothes are way older than 4 years, which is soooooooo old for most people, and I find that concerning because that way of thinking makes landfills grow, why throw away completely wearable clothes just because you have owned it for a specific amount of time. If it still fits why not use it, why spent money on new just to spend money.


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