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I am vegan now

I have recently made the choice to be vegan. And I love it.

This choice is mostly for myself, it’s not a statement choice to make others think something specific, this is for me and for me only.

I still share everything on social platforms that I agree with but this it for me, not a ‘look you should be doing this’ kind of thing. Im doing it because it makes me feel better, it is helping me.
It might look like im posting a lot of stuff to make people see it, but I don’t check if anyone see it. I do this because I feel a little better every time I spread the massage, that I feel strongly about.

Yes I do believe that animals need a better life than they have as farm animals. Yes it does make me sad, the way the world is build up to believe animals are food.
Yes I have been eating meat and dairy until 2019 (26 years), and yes I was a farmer for a short while, so I have seen some shit.

Im not going to say anything to anyone about eating what they eat, im only talking about it when asked or maybe provoked. And here on my blog, (that I made to get things out of my head), so I think that is quite okay.

Obviously being vegan is also for the animals, by being vegan I don’t create any demand for any animals be hurt in any way.
When more and more people stop buying meat and dairy, the shop will buy less home. There would be a smaller demand to the meat and dairy industry, and then less animals would live this horrible life of exploitation.
I do hope more people would cut down on meat and dairy, every little bit will help, but stopping to support the industries 100% is the best way, in my opinion.

I feel better about myself now, in my mind and in my body.

– Camilla


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