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Vote for the climate

Oh no what do I do. Who, What am I voting for?

If you don’t know what to vote, I say vote for the climate.

Do some resurge and find out who will do the most to push forward the importance of the climate crises.

Vote for the climate – it’s not able to do it itself.

If you don’t really know a lot about the politics (like me), find a topic you find important and vote for those who is most in your corner on that matter.
This might seem obvious to some people, but with all these different parties, people and opinions, it’s all just very overwhelming.

So my advice is to find that one topic that is most important to you, and vote on that. Then you know you have put your vote to good use, because you voted on what you find important.
I know this might not be the party you would choose if you looked at everything. But with this way of voting you voted for what in this point in time, is the most important topic for you.
and I think that is a OK way to do it.

And I would hope that the most important topic for you is the climate, and the action we need to take to save the planet, so it can be a home for many generations to come.

– Camilla out

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