Where did you go?

This post is going to be an update, about me, my life, and where the blog posts went.

I did not go anywhere, well I have moved so I guess I did go somewhere.
In the time since last post,
I moved to a new apartment,
I started making videos on my youtube channel,
and a lot of other things has happened.

Because so “many” things have happened, I have not had the energy or focus to write a blogpost, not that I did not have any topics to write about, there has been more than enough topics where I have an opinion.

But because I also have a lot going on in my personal life the blog has been the thing lowest on my list.
At the moment im going to different “doctors” to figure some stuff out.
Before this started I had problems with having “energy / mind space” to do a lot, so adding to this has just drained me, a couple of times.
I have also been taken off some medicin.

So at this moment im in the proces of figuring out my mentalt health, and mental capabilities. It takes a lot of my energy, so for a while the youtube channel might be the thing I find easiest to do.
Because it is a little more on the kreative side, and because im just filming what im doing anyway, and don’t have to take time out to plan, write and proof read and so on.

hope you follow me on my youtube channel just so normal.

– Camilla

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